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Monsieur Ol... D...
500 Taichung city

Informations personnelles publiques:
Date de naissance : 1978-12-04
Situation de famille :

Code CV : ff80c77ea024f742
Date de dernière connexion : 2011-03-28

Situation actuelle:
Fonction actuelle :
Secteur d'activité actuel :
Expérience Totale :

Poste recherché:
Type de contrat souhaité: CDI
Fonctions: translator, editor proofreader, interpreter
Secteur d'activité: translation, ,
Date de début de la disponibilité: now
Salaire souhaité:

Etudes :
Type d'études Diplômes :
Autres Formations :
Since 2003 - Learning Chinese in the universities of Feng Jia and Dong Hai (Taiwan)

2002 - Master in Conference interpreting and Translating - University of Bradford (UK)

2001 - Diploma in translation and liaison interpreting - Institut Supérieur d’Interprétation et de Traduction, ISIT, Paris

2000 - Diploma from the Franco-Spanish Chamber of Commerce
“Diploma superior de español comercial”

1999 - Diploma from the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry
“Diploma in Business English”

1999 - DEUG LLCE in English language, literature and history: university degree obtained after a two-year course - Institut Catholique de Paris

1997 - Certificate of English, equivalent to TOEFL - University of New South Wales, Australia

lues écrites parlées : French, English, Spanish, Chinese
comprises : Italian

Secteur géographique:
Ville: , Département: Mobile, Région: Mobile, Pays: Mobile

CV :

Monsieur Ol... D...
500 Taichung city

 Free lance interpreting:

Since 2002: Conference interpreter in various fields such as environment, politics, sports

Since 2000: Liaison / consecutive interpreter mainly in the field of international help to underdeveloped country and real estate

 In-house and free-lance translator:

Since 2002: Free-lance technical translation (technical manuals, web sites, publications, computer programs…)

March 2003-2004: Translation, proof reading and project management in a translation company - technical translation (France)

Mars 2002: Translation and proof-reading for a big European Union organisation (Spain)

July to Sept 2000 and 2001: Translation and proof-reading in a translation company (France)

June to July 2000: Translation and proof-reading for a big international sporting event (Australia)

Fields of expertise: computers, mobile phones, audio-visual devices, environment, European Union, clothing, biometry

Lettre de candidature

Monsieur Ol... D...
500 Taichung city

Translator, interpreter, editor, project manager

I am a French native, qualified from a French university and a British one as a translator and conference interpreter.

After I graduated from the University of Bradford in 2002 as a translator and conference interpreter in French, English and Spanish, I started working free lance in the UK. My enthusiasm was unfortunately curbed by a limitation that I had not considered before: I found myself on a highly competitive market with many experienced professionals working in the same language combination as mine.

That is why I decided to learn another language in the hope that it would open new doors for me and be an asset for my professional success. Thus, in 2004, I left Europe and came to Taiwan to study Mandarin.

Over the last 5 years, I have been studying Mandarin intensively without giving up my free lance activity as a translator, editor and language consultant in French, English and Spanish. I recently started translating Mandarin into French. I am therefore looking at moving back to Europe and hopefully be able to use my expertise in French, English, Spanish and Mandarin within a translation agency.

From my experience in translation agencies, I am familiar with CAT tools and used to manage multilingual translation projects from the initial quote to the final delivery of the translation; handling the contacts with both the client and the translators, and when possible, doing the quality control myself.
From my experience free lance over the past 7 years, I have learnt to work efficiently and above all, respect the time constraints.

Very flexible, I would consider relocating anywhere in Europe and would only need time to organise my trip back before beginning work. I would consider any position as long as it is related to the use and translation of languages should it be as a translator, proofreader or interpreter, and I would also be happy to contribute to project management.

Should you be interested in my application, do not hesitate to contact me as I would be happy to give you more details about my experience and expectations.


Monsieur Ol... D...

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